Mouth-Watering Caribbean Dishes That will Have you Come for More

The Caribbean is an eclectic mix of cultures and tradition and hence it is no surprise when we talk about mouth-watering cuisines. Sea-food dominates the streets of the Caribbean and you just cannot escape the city without trying one of these. Some of the most popular cuisines like, ackee and saltfish, patties, sweet potatoes, Callaloo, and many more.

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Here are some of the best Caribbean dishes:

  • Ackee and saltfish is a fruit with a very soft yellowish texture that tastes sweet when cooked. This fruit is usually mixed with codfish with some strong spices, onions, pepper, etc. This seafood can be found in almost every restaurant and can be served with different options like vegetables and tomato sauce. 
  • Jerk Chicken: Jerk chicken is a fiery peppered filled hot chicken that is either roasted or barbequed. It is one of the most popular delicacies in the Caribbean that bursts with intense flavor as the soft meat melts inside your mouth.
  • Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are another past-time snack that is accompanied with sweet and salty toppings. It can also be combined with pork chops, chicken, lamb with a rich stew.
  • Callaloo: Callaloo is a vegetable dish that is included in different dishes the most popular one being soups and patties. Although originally an African cuisine today it is popular all over the Caribbean and makes an excellent lunch and soups. It is very healthy, clean, and tasty.

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Most Visited Sites Not To Miss Out in Lisbon

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Lisbon is one of the largest capital cities of Portugal and is the tenth most populated city in the European Union. Lisbon is located along the west of the Iberia peninsula between the Atlantic and River Tagus. Lisbon is often considered an alpha-level global city as it plays a significant role in shaping the economy’s finance, trade, and commerce, fine arts, education, research, and tourism. Lisbon is the ninth most visited city after Venice, Rome, Istanbul, etc. It is a living history and is one of the oldest cities in this planet.

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Here are some of the most visited sites in Lisbon:

Belem Tower

Belem Tower

Belem Tower or the Tower of Saint Vincent is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located along with the Jeronimos Monastery. It is a 16th-century fort and was built during the Portuguese Renaissance. This fort best personifies the Portuguese Manueline style of architecture and is constructed using lioz limestone.

Sao Jorge Castle

Sao Jorge Castle

Sao Jorge Castle is situated in Santa Maria Maior, Lisbon, and is a 12th historic castle. The first human settlement along this region dates back to the 8th century and it has played an important role in shaping the country’s history. Sao Jorge Castle was formerly used as a resident for Torre do Tombo National Archive, a military barracks, a royal palace, and today it has been converted into a national museum.

The Sanctuary of Christ the King

The Sanctuary of Christ the King

The Sanctuary of Christ the King is a Catholic shrine built to commemorate the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. The monument overlooks Lisbon city and is located in Almada, Portugal.

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Amazing Facts about the City Of Bogota Which Nobody Will Tell You

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Check out these 9 interesting facts about Bogota:

1. Bogota was initially known as Santa Fe De Bogota from 1991 up to 2000. This Capital District is one of the largest capital cities of Colombia and today it plays a very significant role in shaping the country’s economy culturally, financially, industrially, administratively, and politically.

2. Around 1538 Bogota was founded as the capital of New Kingdom of Granada by Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada- a Spanish Conquistador after conquering Muisca.

3. It got its name from the Muisca natives and called the place an Old Town or Thybzaca.  Its name also corresponds to the original pronunciation of the Muisca Bachata- a neighboring settlement between the towns of Cota and Funza.

4. The word Bogota has different meanings today, it stands for walling off the farmland according to the Chibcha language or the Lady of Hope according to Jimenez de Quesada.

5. Bogota is nestled right at the heart of Colombia brimming with high mountain plateaus and has been sub-divided into 20 different localities.

6. El Dorado International Airport has been named after El Dorado which is notable for handling the largest cargo volume in Latin America.

7. Bogota is an Alpha global city with the largest numbers of educational institutions, universities, museums, and cultural centers in Latin America.

8. Bogota experience sub-tropical highland type of climate where summers are warm whereas November months are characterized by clouds, rains, and winds.

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Top Late-Night Eat Spots Not To Miss Out in Seoul

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Seoul is best expressed through its unique and authentic food culture. If you are to dig deeper there’s no better way than to explore the tiny pathways and secrets food corners. Seoul has not only been bestowed with a wealth of amazing destinations but is also a food paradise for foodies and alike. In case you have been wondering if there are secret food outlets late night to quench your unexpected food habits, then good news, Seoul has it.

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Here are lists of late-night spots in Seoul you don’t want to miss out:

Kim’s Midnight Kitchen

Kim’s Midnight Kitchen

Drawing its major inspiration from the Japanese Comic, this midnight restaurant is located in the neighborhood of Sansudong. This restaurant specializes in serving authentic Japanese cuisines, barbequed –teriyaki, dumplings and many more without burning a hole in your pocket.



Sikmul is a popular indie café and turns into a bar when darkness hits the city. It was founded by a fashion designer and is located amongst the trendiest locality in Seoul. From classic snacks to modern drinks Sikmul welcomes its visitors with open arms.

Monster Pizza

Monster Pizza

Monster pizza is more popular among late-night clubbers and delivers some of the best pizzas in Seoul. If you are looking for late-night pizzas and pies then try ordering from the Monster pizzas. It remains to open up to 4 am in the morning and the food is available at reasonable prices.

Galo Halo

Galo Halo

Galo Halo is a new restaurant that offers an interesting mix of cuisines. From spicy fried chicken, sticky rice cakes with some innovative flavors are available here at a reasonable cost.

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Most Beautiful Destinations in Quebec You Can’t Afford To Miss Out In 2020

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Quebec is amongst the thirteen provinces and territories that comprise Canada. Quebec is bordered by popular destinations like Ontario along the west, Hudson Strait, Ungava Bay, Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Labrador, New Found Land, New Brunswick, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. Quebec is one of the largest provinces in all of Canada and it has got plenty of destinations rolled under its sleeves for its visitors to discover. Some of the most popular destinations include The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

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Here are some of the most beautiful destinations in Quebec you can’t afford to miss out:

The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac or the Chateau Frontenac is a historic hotel located in the old Quebec along the historic district of Upper Town. This hotel was designed by Bruce Price and is managed by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. It was first opened in 1893 and consists of 18 floors. This building is celebrated for being the first completed grand railway-buildings and has been designated as a National Historic Site in 1981.

The Montmorency Falls

The Montmorency Falls

The Montmorency Falls is one of the largest waterfalls along the Montmorency River in Quebec. The fall is nestled right at the mouth of Beauport and Boischatel. The fall features a suspension bridge where the falls can be accessed on both sides. The waterfall stands 83 meters tall higher than the Niagara falls and during summer months it displays a yellow hue along the waterbed.

Old Quebec

Old Quebec

Old Quebec comprises of the upper and the lower town both of which have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is often called the Old City or the Latin Quarter.

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Amazing Facts to know about Kakadu National Park in Australia

Kakadu National Park is a protected park located 171kilometers away from the north of Australia. It stretches for up to 19,804 kilometers and is about one third the size of Tasmania and Switzerland. It is widely celebrated for its rich historic sites and cultural significance it holds for the aboriginals in Australia. Kakadu National park is one of the largest and the oldest national park in Australia and there’s plenty of secrets and mysteries under its radar.

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Here are some interesting facts about Kakadu National Park you should learn before visiting there:

  • It got its name from the Aboriginal language or the Indonesian word –Kakatuwah.
  • It is home to the Ranger Uranium Mine which is the world’s most productive site for uranium.
  • The park is home to four major river systems namely: the East Alligator River, the West Alligator River, the Wildman River, and the South Alligator River.
  • The park also has a very good concentration of wild flora and fauna, it is home to 280 different bird species, 60 mammal species, 50 freshwater species, 10000 insects, 1600 plants and 117 reptile species.
  • It has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992 for its outstanding significance both naturally and culturally. 
  • For more than 40,000 years this park is home to the aboriginal tribes of Australia and it features more than 5000 sites all of which testify their cultural presence around this region.
  • Some of the popular art sites inside the park include Burrunguy, Ubirr and the Nanguluwur which are recognized internationally as Aboriginal rock art. These paintings date back to 20,000 years and these sites accorded rock shelters to the aboriginals for thousands of years.
  • It is also one of the best places in Australia to experience the best hike trails, fishing, camping, striking waterfalls, and anima watching.

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Three Insane Places In St. Lucia That Will Leave You Speechless

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Saint Lucia is an island country located in the east of the Caribbean and is encompassed by the Atlantic Ocean. Saint Lucia has been nicknamed –Helen of the West Indies for a good reason. For those who wish to marvel along with complete natural beauty with a mix of historical sites, this is the place to be. one of the most visited destinations in Saint Lucia includes Pigeon Island, Gros Piton, Marigot Bay, Rodney Bay, Reduit Beach, Diamond Botanical Garden, Fort Rodney, etc.

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Here are some of the hottest destinations in Saint Lucia you can’t afford to miss out:


pitons, st lucia

The Pitons are a massive mountainous region that features volcanic plugs and spires. Nestled somewhere in Saint Lucia. They are a composition of two mountains-the the Petit Piton that rises for 743m and Gros Piton that rises for 798.25m and they are both interconnected through the Piton Mitan Ridge. Both the mountains are a haven for hikers and adventure seekers and are also a popular destination for swimming, hiking and enjoying some hot bath in the hot springs.

Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay lies on Saint Lucia along the west of the Caribbean island and stretches for almost 3.75 miles. Marigot Bay is widely celebrated for its unspoiled natural beauty and the panoramic landscape. Marigot Bay is also an important historic site as it has served as a battleground for several wars that took place between the British and French navies. It was also used for the 1967 film adaptation-Hugh Lofting’s – Doctor Do little Books.

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island is situated in the north of Saint Lucia and it is comprised of two peaks. The island has been partially interconnected with an artificial island made from dirt to form the Rodney Bay Marina. Pigeon Island is also home to many 18th century-old forts that were used by the British to spy on the French Ships. In 1992 it was designated as a national landmark under the Saint Lucia National Trust and today it is a popular tourist destination.

Epic Places in Ireland You May Have Never Heard Before

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Ireland is an island city located along the north of Atlantic and is one of the largest islands along the British Isle. The dynamic city is a marvel, one of the best places for those adventures seeking mysterious yet charming experiences on their journey. Ireland is home to endless beauty as well as endless tourist attractions and amazing sunsets. Some of the most beautiful places in Ireland include Giants Causeway, Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, Blarney Castle, Temple Bar, Titanic Belfast, Dingle Peninsula, etc.

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 Epic Places in Ireland You May have never heard before

If you think Ireland is in your bucket list, then soar up your dreams by making your reservations with Delta Airlines reservations today. Before that check out these insane places in Ireland:

The Giant’s Causeway

the giant’s causeway, ireland

The Giants Causeway is located along with the county seat of Antrim in Northern Ireland and was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. It is a huge mound of interlocked basalt-columns a resultant of a volcanic eruption.  In 2005 the Giants Causeway was listed as the fourth greatest natural wonder and it is widely celebrated for its huge columns of stepping stones that gradually submerges under the sea.

The Cliffs of Moher

the cliffs of moher, ireland

The Cliffs of Moher are huge sea cliff that is nestled along the south-west of Burren region, Ireland.  The Cliffs run for 14 km and rise up to 120 meters at the southern end. The Cliffs provide astounding views from the tower, visitors have a chance to get a glimpse of the Aran Island, the Maumturks, Twelve Pins mountain, etc. This region witnesses more than 1.5 million visitors annually making it one of the most visited places in Ireland.

Blarney Castle

blarney castle, ireland

Blarney Castle is a medieval fort that lies in Blarney, Ireland. This castle was built by MacCarthy of the Muskerry dynasty that dates back from 1446. Blarney Castle features a numinous stone, extensive gardens, wishing steps, witch caves, and the Blarney Stone is the main highlight of this castle as it gives a rich insight about the lifestyle of Irish Kings.

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Best Hiking Destinations Not To Miss Out in Alaska

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Alaska has been bestowed with a wealth of natural beauty and when we talk about some of the best hiking spots it is no Stranger. The 49th state has got pretty much trails rolled under its sleeves, whether you are looking for dramatic cliffs, sweeping vistas, gleamy glaciers, there are stunning trails in Alaska waiting for its visitors to uncover.

Best Hiking Destinations in Alaska

With so much to explore there’s no reason as to why you should not visit this amazing destination. Make your reservations today with Delta Airlines reservations for a memorable holiday experience. But before that check out these amazing hiking trails in Alaska worth visiting at least once:

Kenai River Trail

Kenai River Trail

The Kenai River is located along the Cooper Landing and is widely celebrated for offering spectacular hiking opportunities along majestic lakes. The Kenai River trails are one of the best places for hiking and trekking teeming with open meadows, dense forest and turquoise waters on every corner.

Exit Glacier

Exit Glacier
Exit Glacier viewed from the outwash plain. NPS Photo/Stephanie Wright.

Exit glacier is amongst the few remaining glaciers in Alaska that takes you to Kenai Fjords National Park. This region is a flatter region with dense forest and is home to trails that take hikers the best hiking experience. It is home to the Harding Icefield Trail which is a 3,500 ft. the trail which gives you a 360-degree view of the Exit Glacier and the surrounding regions.

Winner Creek

winner creek alaska
Man and boy cross Winner Creek Gorge in the hand tram

Winner Creek Trail is a 45-minute drive from Alaska that expanses for almost 18 miles and offers both upper and lower trail for hikers. Hikers and Climbers don’t need to brave their hearts as the region offers smooth patches. Winner Creek is also one of the best regions for climbing, hiking, biking and admiring nature at its best form.

Mount Baldy

Mount Baldy, Alaska

Mount Baldy is located in San Gabriel Mountains along the eastern borders of Los Angeles. Encompassed by Angeles National forest this is another great destination where hiking takes another great level. Popular among locals and hikers Mount Baldy is one of the highest peaks that takes you down to 1500 feet below. This is also a great spot for conducting summer and winter hiking training owing to its rugged topography. If you think you need to get away to Alaska soon book your flight tickets today with Delta Airlines deals for endless flight offers and discounts. For more travel information visit Delta Airlines Official Site today!!