Amazing Facts about the City Of Bogota Which Nobody Will Tell You

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Check out these 9 interesting facts about Bogota:

1. Bogota was initially known as Santa Fe De Bogota from 1991 up to 2000. This Capital District is one of the largest capital cities of Colombia and today it plays a very significant role in shaping the country’s economy culturally, financially, industrially, administratively, and politically.

2. Around 1538 Bogota was founded as the capital of New Kingdom of Granada by Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada- a Spanish Conquistador after conquering Muisca.

3. It got its name from the Muisca natives and called the place an Old Town or Thybzaca.  Its name also corresponds to the original pronunciation of the Muisca Bachata- a neighboring settlement between the towns of Cota and Funza.

4. The word Bogota has different meanings today, it stands for walling off the farmland according to the Chibcha language or the Lady of Hope according to Jimenez de Quesada.

5. Bogota is nestled right at the heart of Colombia brimming with high mountain plateaus and has been sub-divided into 20 different localities.

6. El Dorado International Airport has been named after El Dorado which is notable for handling the largest cargo volume in Latin America.

7. Bogota is an Alpha global city with the largest numbers of educational institutions, universities, museums, and cultural centers in Latin America.

8. Bogota experience sub-tropical highland type of climate where summers are warm whereas November months are characterized by clouds, rains, and winds.

9. Some of the most popular attractions in Bogota include Gold Museum, Plaza Bolivar, Monserrate, Museo Botero, etc. If you are looking for complete flight booking assistance you can check out Delta Airlines Official Site today.

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