Three Insane Places In St. Lucia That Will Leave You Speechless

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Saint Lucia is an island country located in the east of the Caribbean and is encompassed by the Atlantic Ocean. Saint Lucia has been nicknamed –Helen of the West Indies for a good reason. For those who wish to marvel along with complete natural beauty with a mix of historical sites, this is the place to be. one of the most visited destinations in Saint Lucia includes Pigeon Island, Gros Piton, Marigot Bay, Rodney Bay, Reduit Beach, Diamond Botanical Garden, Fort Rodney, etc.

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Here are some of the hottest destinations in Saint Lucia you can’t afford to miss out:


pitons, st lucia

The Pitons are a massive mountainous region that features volcanic plugs and spires. Nestled somewhere in Saint Lucia. They are a composition of two mountains-the the Petit Piton that rises for 743m and Gros Piton that rises for 798.25m and they are both interconnected through the Piton Mitan Ridge. Both the mountains are a haven for hikers and adventure seekers and are also a popular destination for swimming, hiking and enjoying some hot bath in the hot springs.

Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay lies on Saint Lucia along the west of the Caribbean island and stretches for almost 3.75 miles. Marigot Bay is widely celebrated for its unspoiled natural beauty and the panoramic landscape. Marigot Bay is also an important historic site as it has served as a battleground for several wars that took place between the British and French navies. It was also used for the 1967 film adaptation-Hugh Lofting’s – Doctor Do little Books.

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island is situated in the north of Saint Lucia and it is comprised of two peaks. The island has been partially interconnected with an artificial island made from dirt to form the Rodney Bay Marina. Pigeon Island is also home to many 18th century-old forts that were used by the British to spy on the French Ships. In 1992 it was designated as a national landmark under the Saint Lucia National Trust and today it is a popular tourist destination.

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